EP Equipment shows innovative products at the LogiMat

EP Equipment will show trucks at LogiMat which you will not find at any other competitor. Innovative solutions for retail and for stock picking as well as cost efficient products specialized for the delivery logistics are the main focus of EP. On the booth of EP Equipment, the Company reveals the future of simple intralogistics.

Due to smaller packaging sizes for the E-Commerce, the demand for efficient and flexible solutions in a small parts-warehouse increases. Traditional pallet trucks and narrow-isle stackers often do not fit the needs. For this application, the JX1 vertical order picker made by EP Equipment, offers the ability to pick products from a height of up to 6.5 meters, with a functional working platform, intuitive handling and a better productivity. With the JX1, EP Equipment reveals a unique machine at the LogiMat 2018, solving the challenges of the industry.

The retail environment develops more and more to a shopping experience, in which the consumer finds the newest products in a stimulating atmosphere. Traditional pallet trucks do not fit in this application due to their size and because of their industrial look. Furthermore, the need for ergonomic working tools increases, especially when transporting heavy loads. The EPT 12EZ from EP Equipment offers the solution. With its compact size (like a manual hand pallet truck), the light weight (only 130 kg), the modern design and the easy handling, the EPT 12EZ Li-Ion electric pallet truck is convincing customers worldwide. The EPT 12EZ is shown on the LogiMat 2018.

Another focus in this trend of compact pallet trucks is in distribution logistics. The growing urban logistics and last mile delivery challenges increase the demand for flexible and ergonomic solutions. Traditional pallet trucks do not fit the needs of the city centers with its bumpy uneven roads, pavements and cobblestones. This is the terrain of the EPT 20ET pallet truck made by EP Equipment, which is also shown on the LogiMat. It convinces with its special shock absorption and innovative load wheels, which even can climb sidewalks.

At the booth of EP Equipment you will find the future of materials handling equipment today.
Come along at hall 9 | Stand F60

Year of the Dog celebration at EP Equipment

Once every year, the EP China team comes together to celebrate the teamwork of the past 12 months and celebrate the new year.

2017 was the year of the rooster, in 2018 we welcome the year of the dog, an animal characterised to be especially honest and loyal. In China, it is still popular to name dogs Wàng Cái (旺财), as it means “prosperous wealth” and comes from dogs’ barking sounds (旺旺—wàng wàng).

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It is also time to thank our partners all over the world for their great support in 2017 and their trust that we will keep the spirit of innovation glowing in the upcoming years. In 2018 EP Equipment will work even harder to push innovation and excellence in service to generate Wàng Cái (prosperous wealth) for our partners.

New year celebration

Every year the EP factory organises a party, where all our employees unite and welcome the new year. This year over 1.300 employees celebrated together with the management team of EP Equipment in our hometown Anji, China. For every years ceremony our employees prepare different show acts and present their talents to their colleagues.


happy new year and all the best to your families

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What makes a Lithium Ion Battery safe? Insights on the BMS

Lithium Ion Batteries are a mega trend in the material handling industry. Li-Ion batteries provide many advantages: More power, extreme short charging times and maintenance free operation. How does EP Equipment ensure safety and a long lifetime for their Lithium Ion Batteries? EP Equipment li-ion batteries are produced in our own factory and equipped with our own in-house developed BMS – Battery Management System to ensure the longest life time of the battery and safe operation. In this article we will explain the importance of a BMS for the Battery and Truck:

An important part of the lithium-ion technology is the battery management system. Why?

The task of the BMS is monitoring the condition of the battery and controlling input- and output currency with the truck and charger.

We all heard stories about li-ion batteries catching fire. The cause is overheating, mostly while charging. A good charger is not enough to prevent this. The BMS communicates with the battery, with the truck and with the charger and continuously monitors the temperature. The BMS kicks in when the temperature is out of range.

The lifetime of a li-ion battery strongly depends on its operating conditions. Too hot or too cold reduces the life time of the battery. The BMS therefore prevents the battery from overheating during usage. And the BMS does more: Charging is optimized and charging and discharging cycles are stored in its memory. To use the full potential of li-ion technology,

EP Equipment designs its trucks around the possibilities of the batteries. According to the company design philosophy of simple, compact and efficient trucks. The EPT 12EZ is last year’s most bought li-ion truck in the world. The in-house development and production of our trucks, batteries and battery controllers, ensures a reliable and consistent quality and a safe and efficient operation.

When looking for a new, Li-Ion electric pallet truck, always make sure you ask for the BMS system. And if you want to be on the safe side, buy an EP Equipment Lithium Ion pallet truck!