EP Free After-Sales Training Program

EP Free After-Sales Training Program


EP has announced free after-sales training program from March through July in China to ANYONE interested in learning forklift maintenance. By doing this, we wish to improve the total service level of Chinese forklift industry to raise the customer satisfaction value of the industry.

The program has 3 distinct levels: entry, mid, advanced. In order to help trainees to improve their learning experience efficiency, each level has its own training plan, emphasizing on different warehouse equipments forklift models. Participants can choose their preferred level depending on their current ability. Each class has a limited amount of trainees to ensure the quality. An exam will also be provided to the participants, once having passed this evaluation, the trainee will become EP authorized after-sales service partner.

The first session was held from Mar. 1st through Mar. 6th, with around 100 trainees enrolled completing the courses. During the period, all of the participants had an enjoyable unforgettable time of learning. Encouraged by the positive result, we will keep up the good work fthe following sessions of this free training program.

EP also offers free training opportunity to all overseas dealers. We will customize training plan base on dealer’s situation specific requirements. Please contact us to get more information if you are interested. We are always willing to support, let’s grow together!