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What is iMOW?

iMOW is a new subsidiary of EP Group, offering a wide range of entry-level products to an international network of dealers. At iMOW, we ensure both the product quality and timely-responsive after-sales service in Europe or from China. With iMOW, every dealer has the opportunity to purchase directly from the factory at very competitive prices through ordering even a minimum amount of trucks.

iMOW Advantages

High Quality Products

All iMOW products are developed by the teams at EP Equipment. All iMOW products have passed tests for lift capacity, durability, and reliability to maintain high quality of the products.

Professional service

iMOW has strong local support teams and provides fast after sales service and direct spare part delivery. If you have technical problems or basic questions about your maintenance tools from iMOW’s portfolio, just contact us at any time day or night. Our service specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

Affordable prices

As iMOW has an extensive dealer network, we will consolidate orders from many dealerships into one container, which allows us to offer much more affordable prices for everyone even with just a minimum order.

iMOW Vision

Aimed at small-sized dealerships and end-customers, iMOW commits to good quality products and fast after-sales services at competitive prices. Joining iMOW, we will offer you opportunities to sale more trucks or get a satisfying warehouse equipment. With an international dealer network, iMOW will develop a much easier-to-purchase platform and iMOW trucks will be simpler and faster to get to your hands. Let’s grow together!

iMOW Worldwide

iMOW has made a great success to develop its dealer network starting in France, Belgium and Netherlands since 2019. iMOW continues to establish its expertise in all major geographical zones.